Built by the community,
for the community

Built by the community, for the community

TRIBE emerged from our collective experiences as active community members of our favorite brands. Guided by some of the industry's leading experts, we are dedicated to supporting both large-scale and budding communities alike.

A note from our founder

G and I started TRIBE in the fall of 2022 with the simple desire to help a brand we admired. Their team understood the power of organic awareness and wanted to put fuel on the fire by encouraging their community to spread the word on social media. After combing through influencer, affiliate, and loyalty solutions, they realized their dream solution did not exist yet. So, us “TRIBE Bros” set on a path to build a solution.

A few months later, TRIBE was born. Our original solution rewarded members for posting their own created content (Instagram Posts, TikToks, Tweets), and taking part in both online and IRL events. TRIBE became their #1 sales funnel as the community was directly growing itself and being rewarded for it, all at a fraction of the cost of other marketing channels. 

We realized two important things from this. 1) We needed to double down and share TRIBE with the world, and 2) we could work together as brothers and not get sick of each other – a big surprise!

Fast forward to today, we’ve rewarded 3 million social interactions across 250 thousand people. We would love for you to join us as we transform everyday communities into our tribes.


– Amar, Co-Founder

Meet the Team

Gyan Kandhari


Gyan has been building and advising fast-growing consumer companies over the last decade.

Gyan previously led investments and strategy at Loeb.nyc, one of the country’s largest incubators. 

Amar Kandhari


Amar co-founded TRIBE alongside Gyan and spearheads our day-to-day operations.

Prior to TRIBE, Amar helped scale a social media ad-tech company from $100K ARR to $40M ARR.

He’s spent seven years working alongside Fortune 500 companies in the private equity world.

Natasha Vaquer


Natasha is one of the leading experts in creator strategy globally.

Natasha was the SVP of Talent Partnerships and Influencer Strategy at VICE Media, the largest independent youth media company. Prior to VICE, Natasha held a similar role at Refinery29.

Her expertise in talent partnerships offers invaluable insights into navigating today’s media landscape.

David Hoctor


Global Head, TikTok

David is an Advisor and one of six Global Heads at TikTok.

In his position, David manages some of the largest global brand relationships at TikTok across the Tech, Apps, and Dining verticals.

As an advisor, David provides TRIBE and our partners with invaluable feedback and is a core voice in shaping our product.

Gord Ray


Marketing Director, Instagram

Gord is an Advisor and former Product Marketing Director at Instagram.

As Marketing Director, Gord led the company’s go-to-market strategy and execution for Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). This included all new features, such as Stories, Reels, and Shopping.

Gord’s expertise, kindness, and openness make him an instrumental voice at TRIBE.